Behind the scenes with our own “Reality Show Representative” Michelle Jesso


Avon Independent Sales Representative Michelle Jesso and her husband Andre star on the Discovery channel’s reality tv show Cold Water Cowboys, an original Canadian series from Paperny Entertainment following seven captains and their crews.

Michelle and Andre have been fishing together for close to 30 years, and were approached by the show’s producers to become “cowboys.” Michelle is on the water in their open boat the Wave on Wave from April to December, fishing for lobster and other species off the coast of Newfoundland.

We caught Michelle on land to ask her about her life on board, being on camera, and running her Avon business at the same time. Read on for the 6 tips we learned from this powerhouse woman!

Avon Representative Michelle Jesso on board Wave on Wave

1. She says yes when new opportunities come knocking.

How did you get your start on the reality show Cold Water Cowboys?

We got started on the tv show by our own fish buyer. Production personnel came knocking.

What is it like to have cameras following you around all the time? Do you ever get used to it?

Having the cameras around the first week or two took some getting used to, but I am not a shy person. The camera boys became like family members.

2. She likes taking on new challenges and being her own boss.

What made you decide to become an Avon Representative?

I’m always taking on new things. The busier I get, the more I take on. Avon was right there. I always bought from someone, so why not do it for me?

What is your favourite part about being an Avon Representative?

Like, fishing, I’m my own boss. What you put in, you get out.

3. She makes the most of every minute and finds a way to get everything done.

How do you manage being on a television series with running your own Avon business?

Every minute is important. On the boat I use my data plan to place my Avon order.


Michelle and Andre Jesson stand in front of their boat "wave on wave" with the crew

Who do you usually sell your products to? Is it easy to find new Customers?

My Customers are family, and now community; fans are next.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs out there who are just getting started?

The Customer is going to buy from someone, why not you? Reach out to shut-ins and the elderly who can’t get out much.

How do you like to spend your free time?

What free time I do have (which is none) I spend with my beautiful grandkids, plus I love Zumba.

4. A beautiful woman is her inspiration and motivation.

What keeps you motivated? Is there someone who inspires you?

What keeps me motivated is my 89-year-old mom – her beautiful heart and spirit. My mom is my inspiration.

5. She’s passionate about Avon products.

What is your favourite Avon product and why?

My favourite Avon product is Skin So Soft. From the harsh spray to cold winters, there’s nothing better than this product. Soaking in Skin So Soft Bath Oil is heavenly!

How do you keep your skin protected during all the time that you spend at sea?

My skin has been through war from the salt spray to freezing temperatures, but you have to moisturize to keep from turning into a leather boot.

6. She’s always got her lipstick!

How and when can people tune in to your series?

It’s on the Discovery channel in March. Watch for me on the Wave on Wave with my Avon products! I don’t leave land without my lipstick.


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